All I want is a smoked salmon focaccia

How do you increase sales? You can increase prices – but we know what your customers will think of that.

So you increase the volume of sales – how?

One way is to use new technologies to speed up the ordering process. A digital kiosk represents a new way to unlock revenue for quick service restaurants and cafés. Offering customers the ability to order straight to the kitchen, they can also be run alongside existing staff-operated EPOS.

You’ve already seen McDonald’s enjoy these benefits. Now NextMenu offers a solution for those without the big budget to build their own system. And you get the best of both worlds since NextMenu is customised to match your venue’s design.

Why is digital faster? Well, first of all, it’s faster because you can open more tills. Kiosks may cost more than staff initially, but over the course of a year they’re in different leagues – especially with the Living Wage. Say hello to double the number of points of sale and more orders at your crucial peak times.

Secondly, just think through the process. How many times have you been in a queue for what feels like an eternity – time enough to compose a poem about your smoked salmon on focaccia – only for the person in front of you only to start umming and ahhing about their order the moment they reach the till. The staff member feels the pressure of a lengthening queue and you feel exasperated. With a digital kiosk there’s no messing around. People can’t interrogate the poor lady at the till about things they’re not planning to order. It’s tap, tap, pay…and boom it goes straight to the kitchen.

An added bonus is the data. Whether orders are actually faster today than yesterday is no longer a question of guesswork. All the data can be captured, monitored in real time and then reviewed. So if Gordon is slower than Jamie, or the mochas are holding up the flat whites, you’ll be able to act on it.

‘But this is too much hassle! It’s just one more electronic device to go wrong!’ you may cry. Well. I’m not saying NextMenu could never go wrong. But I’d take it any day over human error multiplied by a twenty-year-old EPOS.

Most of all, to increase sales you have to give customers what they want. And that’s not queueing. It’s not the decor. It’s just a smoked salmon focaccia because that’s what they came in for.

To find out what NextMenu could do for your venue get in touch over email here.

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