NextMenu in Review – v2.0.17

As we’re preparing to launch ourselves into 2018 with some new and exciting technologies we wanted to brag a bit about our achievements and breakthroughs just before ignition. For NextMenu 2017 meant innovation, innovation and innovation. We are happy to say that last year was a technological boom from a product development perspective. Not only have we improved our existing products and services, but also kicked off some amazing tech projects for the hospitality industry.

Our first goal to achieve in 2017 was to create a product that would meet the market needs. Namely the premium free standing, self-order, self-pay kiosk. This is a standardized self-order system that can be deployed with little to no effort with the ability to quite literally drop it in, plug it in and GO. These needs were explicitly expressed at Restaurant Tech Live in 2016 where we exhibited with our original and first self-order device, the NextMenu Tablet Menu.

While the free-standing kiosk addresses medium to large venue chains we felt that a standardized self-order solution should be reachable by smaller venues too. After we polished both the software and the hardware for the free-standing kiosk, we moved forward to our next target: the mini kiosk.

This version embodies almost all the features of its bigger brother, while being close to 28 times smaller. Small, reliable and completely wireless, perfect for a deli or any other type of small venue.

Since then we have expanded our kiosk product range to meet any requirements a venue of any size or type might have.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors!


Our self-service systems opened up a new sales channel for businesses, while also allowing customers to get their food faster. But what’s better than getting food faster?

Beer. Always.

Taking a quick step back, in 2016 we worked on an amazing project that would literally enhance a waiter’s awareness and response rate to both the customer and the rest of the staff. Paired with a smart menu the NextMenu smartwatch can send push notifications to the waiter letting him know if an order is ready for delivery or if a customer needs his attention plus a couple of other useful features.

To further boost a waiter’s capability, in 2017 we went all out on developing “futuristic” technologies and brought them in the hands of hospitality business owners through our Augmented Reality Glasses for waiters. The glasses can be used as an all round solution, starting from aiding the new employees in their training, to helping the chief of the venue hall to better manage available staff. The Augmented Reality Glasses are an awarded solution on which we wrote quite a comprehensive article. You can find here, make sure you give it a read!

As 2018 drew close, we wanted to end 2017 with a bang. We’re always thinking ahead, thinking of the future and where do we stand as a company in the innovation process.

Meet our robot waitress, part of our larger Robotics project.

If you didn’t get a chance to see us live in 2017 and test our gear, keep an eye on our site, blog and social media accounts, we’ll soon post an event agenda for 2018. Until then, here’s a quick roundup of the events and companies that we’ve partnered with last year. Hard to miss us, we’re yellow and everywhere.

Restaurant Tech Live

Our key event in 2017.

We went all out on this event with 3 different stands, partnering up with Restaurant Tech Live show as their main sponsor. After exhibiting at the show we’re happy to draw the conclusion that hospitality businesses from all around the world are acknowledging the potential of technological enhancements and self-service systems for their venues, while actively searching for solutions that suit their business model.


While most industries have already benefited from technological breakthroughs, the hospitality industry is merely starting to test and adopt technology in their workflow. We’re proud to be one of the few companies that can provide “out of the box” solutions. These solutions allow hospitality venues to focus more on their food and customers rather than operating or even building complex technology systems.

That is why we want to showcase, discuss and demo our cutting edge technology with as many business owners as we can. We want to let people know that hospitality innovation is only one step away.

Best way to do this?

Trade shows and conferences. We like to discuss with people on how we can help solve problems that they face, we like to improve through feedback, and most of all we love to be one of the most active hospitality technology advocate in the UK market.

A big thank you goes to all the people that interacted partnered up and believed in us in 2017.

Thank you.

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